Irish Folk Workshop Bonn: Button Accordion class

Finale of the 21st irish folk workshop in Bonn: Teachers and students play a small concert to show what they learned.

I am delighted to announce that I will be back at the Irish Folk Workshop Bonn to teach a beginners/intermediate Irish button accordion class. The workshop takes place from 21. – 22. of March 2020 in the facilities of the Music School in Bonn.

More information & sign-up

Claus Steinort, myself, Éamonn Coyne, Sabrina Palm and Ekhart Topp at a former Irish Folk Workshop in Bonn (2014).

In March, the classes will be:

  • Ensemble w. Jarlath Henderson
  • Tin Whistle w. Claus Steinort
  • Fiddle w. Sabrina Palm
  • Guitar (backing, standard tuning) w. Ekhart “Ekki” Topp

The weekend starts off with a free concert by the teachers on Friday evening (8 pm, 20th March 2020) in the Versöhnungskirche in Bonn-Beuel.

The classes will run from Saturday morning until Sunday evening (with coffee/lunch breaks in between) and a nice trad. session in the local Irish Pub on Saturday evening).

The button accordion class aims at beginners and intermediate players who own a B/C button accordion. You can lend an accordion during the workshop (for free) in case you don’t have one. We’ll learn one or two easy tunes (I provide sheet music and tabulature) and discuss all matters of Irish button accordion playing: How to make it sound Irish? How to play ornamentation? How to play fast? Where to put my fingers? and more…

Please note: The amount of accordions that can be borrowed is limited and it’s first come, first serve. If you know you want to attend, and you need a box: Reserve your accordion: here.

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