Button accordion – Private lessons – Skype lessons

I offer private lessons for irish button accordion players, both in The Netherlands and via Skype. The private lessons are from complete beginners up to what I can do on the button accordion. I work individually with each student so I can focus entirely on the student’s needs and help them achieve their goals. This includes:

  • Correct fingering
  • How to learn by ear
  • Style (rythm and ornamentation)
  • Repertoire
  • How to use the box in a band (chords, song accompaniment etc)
  • Music theory (if you want)

You don’t need to be able to read sheet music, easy to read tabulature can be provided. I belive it is never too late to learn how to play and enjoy an instrument! In addition, student instruments are always available for sale or loan.

Feel free to check out my YouTube channel or contact me if you are interested!


Melodeon Sheet Music and TabulatureHere is the tabulature for the chromatic and the most common scales on a B/C box ( 10/11 and 11/12 buttons ):

scales (10/11)
scales (11/12)

For total beginners, this might be a good 1st tune to start with


Below are the tabs used in the workshops. The complete tabs and recordings can be found here.

Course materials Irish Folk Workshop Bonn (2013)

As a starting tune we will learn is a classic and it is called ‘The Green Fields Of America’. The first download is plain sheet music, the second is with button accordion tablature for an accordion with 10 buttons on the inner and 11 buttons on the outer row or 11 and 12 buttons accordingly. The recording should give you an idea what it sounds like. Have fun with the material!


The Green Fields Of America
The Green Fields Of America ( 10/11 )
TheGreenFieldsOfAmerica ( 11/12 )

We played this hornpipe at the final show of the weekend:

BuckFromTheMountain ( 10/11 )
BuckFromTheMountain ( 11/12 )

and a nice little jig:


O’Shaughnessy’s ( 10/11 )
O’Shaughnessy’s ( 11/12 )

Another great reel comes from the band North Cregg and can be heard on their “Summer At My Feet” CD:


ThePitchfork ( 10/11 )
ThePitchfork ( 11/12 )

I learned this reel from banjo player Jan Faltings and it’s called “Come West Along The Road”. This reel is great fun on the accordion.

ComeWestTab ( 10/11 )
ComeWestTab ( 11/12 )

Finally: ‘The Congress’. Needless to say, this is a real classic!

TheCongressTab ( 10/11 )
TheCongressTab ( 11/12 )

I used this tune collection for the folk workshop weekend in Bonn. If you encounter any problems, e.g. with the PDF files or you found a mistake in the tabulature, please contact me and I will update the material.

I wish you great fun with these tunes!