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Workshop warranty on all our boxes

Button accordion workshop warranty for 1 year on all our work. Every box we sell has been thoroughly set up and serviced in our workshop. In the unlikely event that there is an issue within the first year, we will fix it for you.

This applies for:

  • Problems with the buttons or keyboard
  • Leaking bellows
  • Blocked or out of tune reeds
  • etc
Melodeon Repairs Tuning with Warranty

If you have not made use of this warranty after one year, it turns into a 50% voucher for refreshing the tuning of your box.


  • Shipping has to be paid by the box owner
  • The warranty holds for defects in material or our workmanship and does not include damage that has been caused by (obvious) misuse or accidents such as water damage, damage from non-expert tuning attempts, etc…
  • Warrant is issued at our discretion

Contact us for if you have any questions regarding the button accordion workshop warranty!

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