Why are the buttons on my accordion making so much noise…?

If your accordion makes a lot of clickedy-clack sounds when you play it, you might want to consider having the felt pads exchanged.

Often the pads on mid-range accordions are only covered by a thin leather strap. This is not enough to dampen the sounds of the closing pads.

Comparison of a proper felt pad, against a mere leather strap

Exchanging all the felt pads will make your accordion play quiet. Since the height of the pads is different this requires a re-adjustment of the button mechanics to correct the button height and make sure everything is airtight.

A Hohner Erika fitted with new felt pads will play as quiet as any modern box!

I can change the felt on any accordion, also on yours.

Price: 100 EUR + 21 % VAT (work & material for a 2-row box, request price for more rows…)

Contact us if you have questions regarding accordion felt pads exchanged.


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