Yann Dour | Beginner Tutor Vol. 3 + CD


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Volume 3 of Yann Dour’s excellent button accordion tutor deals with all aspects of accompaniment using all possibilities of the left and right hand. This book completes Yann Dour’s excellent accordion method and aims at the intermediate to advanced player. Like in the first volume the tunes are most lovely and taken from various folk music styles including French, Irish, Scandinavian, Cajun and more.

Includes Audio CD with all tunes.

Language: English & French


This Button Accordion Beginner Tutor Vol.3 (Yann Dour – Vol.3 :L’ACCOMPAGNEMENT) was written for the GC accordion but the tablature works equally well with any other diatonic accordion. It will just sound a bit lower or higher. Contact us if you have any questions.


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