*SOLD* Weltmeister in C/F (516) + Hard case

We just finished servicing a lovely wooden Weltmeister 516 melodeon in C/F, made in Germany. The melodeon was bought in 2007 and has hardly ever been played. Apart from some very minor scratches below the keyboard, the instrument is in excellent condition. It is well in tune with a medium wet tremolo that sounds full and warm. However, in case you prefer a dry tremolo, we will re-tune the melodeon for a small additional fee. The fifth button of the inside row has been switched. In Dutch this is called “gedraaide 5de toets” and a common (and handy!) Dutch modification. If needed, this can be reversed without any additional cost. The instrument feels new and plays very easy. Therefore this quality melodeon is an ideal beginners instrument that is easy to handle and easy to make sound good.



Click on the below image to hear and see it in action.

[yotuwp type=”videos” id=”DY6hMbysdY0″ ]

Gedraaide 5te toets
– Two shoulder straps
– Hard case
1-year workshop warranty

Additional options:
New Italian gig bag

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Weight 3.5 kg
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