*SOLD* Saltarelle Bouëbe BbEb 2-voice

The Saltarelle Le Bouëbe is Saltarelle’s entry-level accordion. It’s safe to say that this model has proven it’s ground and has become a true classic by now. It is easy to handle with a brilliantly fast and smooth keyboard that allows effortless playing, even for extended periods, and has that beautiful, modern Saltarelle sound. The seemingly unusual key of Bb/Eb is the golden middle of the available accordion tunings and as such combines the best of the French G/C and English D/G world in one instrument. For many, including us at Accordion Doctor, the sound of a Bb/Eb tuned accordion is of unrivaled mellowness, which also explains its rising popularity in modern accordion music. 

The accordion comes with one bass register that switches on the thirds. It’s made from timeless cherry wood and fitted with an elegant styled open fretwork on the grille and stepped keyboard. The accordion comes with a hard case and two padded shoulder straps.

Check out our Saltarelle page for more information and contact us for a sound sample or product availability in other tunings.



Saltarelle Le Bouëbe BbEb:

– Hard case
– Two padded shoulder straps


Additional information

Weight 3.15 kg
Dimensions 27.6 × 14.8 × 27.5 cm
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