*SOLD* Red Badge Paolo Soprani 3-voicer

A second hand Red Badge Paolo Soprani Button Accordion from the 60ties for Sale! This is a true classic. Not only excellent in design and sound but also one of the most compact three-voice instruments made. This Red Batch Paolo Soprani is one of the models that was made with the popular wooden soundboard that provides a warm and classic Paolo sound. We fitted it with a set of new hand made reeds (A Mano, LMM, 8’+8’+16′) in the key of C#D that make it play easy and responsive.  The register switches the lower octave on the treble side on and of.

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Click on the below image to hear and see Beltuna Sara 2 GC in action.

[yotuwp type=”videos” id=”RnfQvFR121U” ]

Red Badge Paolo Soprani from the 1960ies (3-voice). The accordion was converted to C#D (LMM) with new A Mano reeds:

– One shoulder strap
1-year workshop warranty

Additional options:
New Italian gig bag

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