*SOLD* Paolo Soprani Metal keyboard & grille

We are selling this fine Paolo Soprani Jubilee 3 on behalf of a customer. This is a 3-voice button accordion tuned DG (LMM) with the iconic metal keyboard and grille, giving it a clear and loud sound. Under the hood, this accordion is powered by hand-made reeds (Tipo A Mano) from the famous Italian reed makers Voci Armoniche. With the responsive reeds and a very fast and easy keyboard action, this accordion is perfectly suited to play fast dance tunes with little effort, even in noisy environments. It comes with a register stop on the treble side to take out the low octave and two stops on the bass side to remove the low notes in the basses and the thirds. The accordion is in excellent condition and has the typical Paolo-style tuning. Click on the below image to hear and see the accordion.



Paolo Soprani Jubilee 3 in DG

– Hard case
– Shoulder strap

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