*SOLD* Marca Registrada in D

We are selling this compact “Made in Germany” 1 row Hohner Marca Registrada in D. It’s small and lightweight, especially on the bass side. All parts of the instrument have been serviced and cleaned, down to the last metal pieces. The reeds have been replaced with new Super Durall reeds. With tight bellows, new red felt pads and limited button travel this box plays easy and smooth now. We tuned the accordion to a medium dry tremolo with a sweetened concertina-style tuning (”Quarter-comma meantone”). Click on the below sound sample to hear the accordion.



Marca Registrada in D | 2-voice + New reeds:

– Brand new Super Dural reeds
– New felt pads (to quieten the noise of the keyboard)
– Limited button travel
– Tight bellows
– New strap holders
– Optional: Bass without thirds
1-year workshop warranty

Additional options:
New Italian gig bag
New Adjustable bass strap
New Extra long Shoulder strap

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