*SOLD* Hohner Laurel Leaf in G#/A

Whether you always wanted to join in a B session or you listened to Peter Carberry & Padraig McGovern’s incredible record “Forgotten Gems” or you simply always wanted a white box with silver and golden ornaments: Look no further. This accordion was made for you.

Fitted with brand new and custom made Tipo-A-Mano reeds in G#/A this truly is a unique instrument. When played as a B/C box, it’s key will match a B-set of pipes. Three semitones below the usual concert pitch. The resulting sound is very mellow and rich. The reeds are responsive but – due to the low pitch – rather quiet. This box doesn’t scream, it sings.

The box itself was “Made in Germany”, presumably sometime in the 1930ies. We made a set of new reed blocks for the low reeds and tuned them less wet to +10ct on A. With tight bellows, new felt pads and limited button travel this box plays easy and smooth.



Click on the below image to hear and see it in action.

[yotuwp type=”videos” id=”P-PqTeVpF6I” ]


– Brand new Tipo A Mano reeds
– New felt pads (to quieten the noise of the keyboard)
– Limited button travel
– Tight bellows
– A shoulder strap
– Bass without thirds
1-year workshop warranty

Additional options:
New Italian gig bag


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