*SOLD* Hohner Corso 3-voice MMM in B/C

Second hand Hohner Corso 3-voice MMM in the Irish key of B/C (McComiskey bass layout). This button accordion was made in Germany and has been completely overhauled for use in Irish music. Fitted with a set of new Italian reeds (Super Durall, Voci Armoniche), this box gives you the full-blown three-voice sound at a competitive price. We changed the bellows tape, silenced the mechanics, reduced the button travel and tuned it to a Paolo-style wet tuning. The accordion comes with an adjustable bass strap.

Don’t forget to check out our “Tune collection for BC Button Accordions”. You can also buy an extra long shoulder strap for 25 EUR ( 21 EUR for non-EU customers) and a gig bag starting from 50 EUR (41 EUR for non-EU customers).