*SOLD* Hohner Corso GC LMH + Cajun sound

Second hand Hohner Corso 3-voice (LMH) in the key of GC. Perfect for Balfolk, French, Scandinavian, Breton, and Newfoundland music. This button accordion was ‘Made in Switzerland” and comes in excellent condition both inside and outside. With original Hohner reeds and an unusual LMH reed configuration, this accordion gives you a bright and powerful three-voice sound without any tremolo. Due to the LMH reed configuration, it’s further possible to explore some Cajun sounds, as demo-ed in the second video below. Don’t forget to check out our sheet music + tabulature and different Italian gig bags. in our shop. We have also an extra long shoulder strap and adjustable bass strap.
** New grille cloth can be added and fitted if the new owner prefers that.

Cajun Example



Free option: Bass without thirds
1-year workshop warranty

Additional options:
Sheet music + tabulature
Italian gig bags
Adjustable bass strap
Extra long shoulder strap


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