Hohner Black Erica in C/C# | Tipo A Mano


VAT-free price for non-EU customers: 660 EUR.

Second hand Hohner Black Erica in the Irish key of CC# (McComiskey bass layout). This button accordion was made in Germany and has been completely overhauled for use in Irish music. Fitted with a set of new Tipo a Mano reeds. Whether you want to play along to Dervish records or join your local Eb sessions, this box gives you the brilliant one-step-up-sound at a competitive price. We changed the felt pads, silenced the mechanics, reduced the button travel and tuned it to a modern dry tuning.

Don’t forget to check out our “Tune collection for BC Button Accordions”. You can also buy an adjustable bass strap or an extra long shoulder strap for more comfort while playing. An ideal gig bag for this accordion is our well-padded premium Italian gig bag.

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1-year workshop warranty
Free option: Basses without thirds
Free option: Remove thumb strap

Additional options:
Tune collection for BC Button Accordion
New Italian gig bag
Adjustable bass strap
Extra long shoulder strap