*SOLD* Hohner 114 in G | Hohner reeds

Here’s a wonderful little Hohner 114 in G. Unlike the new models, this instrument was still produced in Germany and is in great condition.
It is a four voice instrument (LMMH) with four register stops that allow for many sounds (see sound samples below). We gave it a fresh, sweetened tuning (Quarter Comma Meantone) and changed the felt pads on the melody side to reduce button noise. In addition, we softened the springs, which results in a much improved playability compared to the factory default. In the key of G this is a perfect instrument for Irish Folk Songs in the style of the Dubliners. An adjustable bass strap is included in the price. 

      1 Switch (M)


      2 switches (MH)


      2 switches (MM)


      3 switches (LMH)


      4 switches (LMMH)


Hohner 114 in G with sweetened tuning | Hohner reeds | 4-voice:

New Adjustable bass strap
1-year workshop warranty

Additional options:
New Extra long Shoulder strap