*SOLD* Hohner 114 in C | Cajun tuning

Here’s a wonderful little Hohner 114 in the key of C. This is one of the sought-after 114 Cajun accordions ”Made in Germany” and despite its age, it resides in perfect condition. Like it was never played before. For an authentic Cajun sound, we tuned it to our authentic cajun tuning. In addition, the springs on the melody side have been softened for a much nicer playability compared to the factory default. The instrument comes with two new shoulder strap holders. 



1-year workshop warranty

Additional options:
Adjustable bass strap for an additional 35 EUR (VAT-free price for non-EU customers: 30 EUR)
Extra long shoulder strap for an additional 25 EUR (VAT-free price for non-EU customers: 22 EUR)


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