*SOLD* Grey Paolo Soprani IV jubilee BC

A second hand Grey Paolo Soprani IV jubilee in B/C merely two years old in the Irish key of B/C. The box is in excellent condition, no visible signs of wear. It’s a four voice instrument (LMMM) tuned by an Italian master tuner to give you that full and rich Paolo sound (see videos below). Equipped with the finest hand made Italian reeds, this box matches highest standards. As opposed to other models, this Jubilee does not have bass register switches which makes the left hand side of the accordion much lighter and easier to handle. The two register switches allow for either the 3-voice (MMM) or full 4-voice (LMMM) sound.
The accordion comes with a new premium gig bag, shoulder straps and papers to document it’s origin.



Click on the below image to hear and see it in action.

[yotuwp type=”videos” id=”sXFPmrYaZf0″ ]

1-year workshop warranty
New Italian gig bag

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Weight 5.2 kg
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