*SOLD* Dino Baffetti Black Pearl II DG

Dino Baffetti Black Pearl II in D/G is a very light and compact 2-voice button accordion. With a mere 2.8 kg this accordion weighs less than a Hohner Pokerwork. Without doubt it is one of the most iconic Morris dance accordions on the market. Due to it’s handmade Italian reeds, it’s responsive with a lovely bright sound. The keyboard layout is the standard third button start with accidentals. Comes with one register stop on the bass side to take out the thirds. The instrument is in mint condition and will be fine tuned before shipment. Comes with a hard case and used padded shoulder straps as well as our 1-year workshop warranty. Don’t forget to check out our sheet music + tabulature & Italian gig bags in our shop.



– Hard case
– Used shoulder strap
1-year workshop warranty

Additional options:
Italian gig bags
Sheet music + tabulature 


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Weight 2.8 kg
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