*SOLD* C#DG English Melodeon & Irish Box

Here’s a cool custom restoration project. Following a customer’s suggestion, we converted a three-row vintage Hohner accordion to the keys of C#/D/G. This unusual accordion tuning has several interesting advantages. First of all, it’s two different accordions in the same instrument. An English D/G melodeon and an Irish C#/D box. This unique C#/D/G accordion allows you to switch from a lovely, bassline driven English Morris tune into a lively Irish reel both sounding authentic on their characteristic instrument tunings. If we were to be sent to a lonely island and we could bring only one box then why not bring two wrapped into one…



Click on the below image to hear and see it in action.

[yotuwp type=”videos” id=”KTcYn-0djbM” ]

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