*SOLD* 3-voice Hohner Marca in D

This compact Hohner Marca Registrada was turned into a full blown three-voice (M-MM+) accordion by us. It’s small and lightweight, especially on the bass side. While the inside was reworked to accommodate the additional row of reeds, we kept the outside original to preserve the vintage look and feel of this antique accordion. The sound of the accordion is rich and full due to the 3 sets of brand new Super Dural reeds that we tuned to a warm Paolo-style tremolo of 12ct on A.



Click on the below image to hear and see it in action.

– Brand new Super Dural reeds
– New felt pads (to quieten the noise of the keyboard)
– Limited button travel
– Tight bellows
– A shoulder strap
– New strap holders
– New bellow nails
– Optional: Bass without thirds
1-year workshop warranty

Additional options:
– New Italian gig bag

Shipping costs:
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