Restored Hohner B/C for sale

I decided to sell my recently refurbished black Hohner B/C melodeon to make some room for new boxes.

The box was fitted with new TAM reeds in B/C as well as new felt pads. It’s 2-voice and the bass layout is standard G/D, C/G, A/E, C/F without thirds. Here you find some more info about the instrument.

refurbished Hohner B/C melodeon

I have uploaded a sample of what the box sounds like:

Play Keogh's - Dom and Ole

Played by me and Dom in an Amsterdam session.

Price: Sold


Watch me restore a beautiful vintage Hohner two-row

On the inside I removed all the old reeds and replaced them with new TAM reeds in B/C. On the outside I decided to keep the look and feel of the instrument. The buttons show some tear from being used all those years, but in my opinion this adds to the instrument.
The only thing I had to fix on the outside was putting new felt pads to take away the button noise.

The result can be watched and heard in this little YouTube clip.

Drop me a note if you have any questions!


CD Release!

The Frisian folkband Kalüün released their first recording entitled “Spöören”. As a guest musician I was very fortunate to contribute some fiddle, button accordion and low whistle lines to this excited new project. Check out the CD trailer if you want to hear some really good music in the Frisian language.

Update:  The debut CD of Kalüün just won the German record critics’ award (“Preis der deutschen Schallplattenkritik”)!


The next box workshops

I am happy to announce that I will give two Irish button accordion / melodeon workshops in the south of Germany.

The first one will be held at the  “Workshopwochende für Irische Musik” in Bonn on Nov. 15th/16th, while the second workshop is in the course of the  “Irish Weekend” at the VHS Ismaning  on Nov. 8th/9th. A preceding concert  of the teachers is given on Friday, Nov. 7th, 8.00 pm at the Bürgerhaus Unterschleißheim. I guess there will also be a similar concert in Bonn, but I do not know the date yet.

Let me know if you are interested in Irish button accordion / melodeon workshops :-)


Saturday Nov. 16th until Sunday Nov. 17th : Irish music workshop in bonn

Those of you interested in learning how to play the Irish BC button accordion / melodeon should check out the big workshop weekend in Bonn:

19. Workshopwochenende für Irische Musik

I am happy to announce that i will give a workshop on Irish BC button accordion / melodeon on this venue between  16th and 17th of November.

The weekend will start off with a pre-workshop concert by (almost) all music instructors on Friday the 15th of November.

You can take a preliminary look into the course materials by checking out my teaching page found under “Button Accordions”…