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Golden Laurel Leaf – Converted to a Three Row A/D/G Melodeon

We have just finished a very interesting custom restoration of a very rare three-row Hohner Golden Laurel Leaf box to an A/D/G melodeon. The instrument is roundabout 80 years old and appears to be in excellent condition. With it’s golden metal grill and metal corners, this truly is an exceptionally beautiful instrument.

In addition to the standard repairs and restoration we converted this box from a chromatic button accordion to a diatonic one. Not only have we replaced the reeds, but we also re-wired the bass buttons.

The black dots indicating the chromatic button accordion keyboard appear to be glued on but can be removed easily. However we decided to keep them on. Not only do they look nice, they also add a bit of a (melodeon)-devil-in-disguise feeling to it.

As requested by it’s new owner we have tuned the fresh reeds with a dry and modern tremolo. Here’s what the final box sounds like:

Hear it played as an A/D/G melodeon!

We are grateful for having had the opportunity to work on this instrument and wish it’s new owner all the best with it.

Should you look for a special and custom restored instrument for yourself, contact us.

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