Music & Videos

Uilleann Pipes and Accordion in B – Sixpenny Money and When sick is it tea you want (in B)

Hohner Pokerwork in A/D with medium wet tremolo

Hohner Laurel Leaf: converted to a diatonic box

Restored Irish button accordion in G#/A tuning for playing in B sessions

Restored Hohner Pokerwork in DG with new reeds

Castagnari Nik B/C

The Fancy Fling and the Boys of Bluehill on restored Hohner Laurel Leaf in C#D

Paolo Soprani Elite I in C#/D from the early 1980ies

Dry modern sounding Hohner Erica in B/C

Hohner Pokerwork in Bb/Eb tuned to one of A. Werckmeister’s baroque temperaments.

Weltmeister in A/D – Psalmodikonvalsen (Swedish waltz).

Converting a button accordion from C/F to B/C. Hear the before and after sound.

Reels: The Doon/John Dwyer’s on 3-voice vintage Hohner in C#/D.

Wooden Weltmeister CF (516) – En fattig bonddräng

How to play Irish music on the button accordion for beginners (free sheet music).

Breton music on a restored Hohner Presswood converted to G/C.

Tell me now (waltz) – on Hohner Erika converted to BC tuning.

Enkhuizen Trekzakfestival 2019 – Busking in the streets at dutch button box festival.

Tonder…The Eternal Friendship (Phil Cunningham) played on the Melodeon (Bb/Eb).

The moon and the seven stars on Weltmeister Melodeon.

Reels: Brosnan’s/The Ravelled Hank of Yarn on Paolo Soprani Elite II BC.

DIY Accordion Repair: Fix a weird sounding note (simple fix of blocked reed)

Some say the devil is dead (a.k.a. Johnny, Irish Setdance) on the 1-row.

Rare Hohner Erika Melodeon (D/G) from the 1950ies.

Hornpipes: The Peacock’s Feather (minor & major version) on new Paolo Soprani IV jubilee.

Reels: Miss McGuinness/McGoldrick’s on new Paolo Soprani Jubilee.

Reels: The fair haired boy / The controversial on new Paolo Soprani Jubilee.

Restored Button Accordion Demo

Reels on Restored Hohner Erica in B/C

Galanti – C#D – 4 voice – LMMM