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List of awesome accordion players

Irish American Box Player Joe Derrane and his Walter's Box

This is my totally unordered list of awesome accordion players I am a die-hard fan of. Needless to say, the list reflects my personal taste.

Darren Breslin

from Lisnaskea, County Fermanagh, Northern Ireland (Winner of the 2008 All Ireland Senior Button Accordion Championship). Probably my favourite accordion player at the moment. I haven’t heard too much from Darren’s playing and too my knowledge he hasn’t published a solo CD yet, but listen to this mighty set:

Joe Derrane

from Boston, Massachusetts. One of my all-time favourite accordion players. Irish-American accordion player Joe Derrane made a huge comeback in his final years that’s when I first heard of him. The tunes, the story, the instruments: it’s everything about Joe and his playing that gets me. See this little YouTube documentary and you’ll know why.

The Irish-American accordions from the 1920ies would deserve an entry of their own. The New York Folklore Society has put some info online, as well as some pictures and a call for information on these accordions.

Danny O’Mahony

from Ballyduff in North County Kerry. One of the finest accordion players I have ever heard. His solo album “In Retrospect” is one of the finest accordion albums I have ever come across. It has a very nice pace to it and Danny’s technical skills are breathtaking yet never even once it feels like a show off.

Make sure to check out Danny’s Podcast “Trip to the cottage”  on radio Kerry as well.

Anders Trabjerg

from Denmark, now in Galway afaik. I’m a really huge fan of the duo Fromseier/Trabjerg aka “The great danes” and their CD “In Ireland”.

Paul Brock

a fantastic accordion player. Such a lovely flow. He recorded an tribute album to Joe Cooley with Frankie Gavin, which contains a really nice collection of  tunes that by now have become session essentials.

He also recorded a super nice album with Enda Scahill on banjo called Humdinger. Both albums are also on Spotify.

Seamus Begley

No one nails polkas and slides like Seamus Begley does. Epic playing.

Martin Quinn

Martin Quinn and Angelina Carberry have made a super lovely banjo-box album that has been a long time favourite of mine.

John McCann

from Fermanagh is a 2016 All Ireland Fleadh Cheoil Button Accordion winner in Ennis.

Epic Accordion Recordings

Check out my personal Top 5 Best Accordion Albums List!

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  • Bella Montgomery

    “Wow, what an incredible collection of talented accordion players! It’s truly inspiring to witness the sheer mastery and passion these artists bring to their performances. Each video and bio provides a captivating glimpse into the diverse world of accordion music, highlighting its versatility and beauty. Thank you for curating such a fantastic selection and allowing us to discover these awesome accordion players. Keep up the amazing work! Best regards, Bella Montgomery.”

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