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Custom made left-handed Melodeon

Left-handed melodeons are not a common sight which is a bit surprising given that approximately 10% of the world’s population are thought to be left-handed (source: Wikipedia). It seems to us that the majority of left-handed players just learned to play the melody with their right hand. Our guess would be that this is at least partially due to the lack of (affordable) left-hand instruments. So here’s a neat little box that we have just turned from right-hand accordion into a left-hand one.

First one needs to realize that even though a melodeon seems perfectly symmetric, it’s actually not and here’s why:

The air button that allows you to quickly fill or empty the bellows without a note being played is operated with the thumb on the bass side of the accordion. When the accordion is turned around to be played by someone left-handed, then the air button is turned upside down and becomes unreachable.

Moving the air button up is no big thing and can be fairly easy. Once this issue is fixed, you could in principle flip the box and play it upside down. Just like left-handed Jimmy Hendrix played his ‚right-handed‘ guitar.

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While this is certainly done by many people, we decided to take it a step further and also flip the reeds inside the accordion. For this the reed blocks need to be rebuild as they can’t just be turned up side down. Luckily that is also not an overly dramatic step.

In the end, the finished left-handed accordion can be played with exactly the same fingering as a right-handed player would play a right-handed box. Triplets and ornamentation – often played on the ‘’strong’’ index and middle fingers – can now also be played that way and instruction from a teacher can be followed one-to-one. This is the final instrument, apart from the switched air button, no modification is visible on the outside.

left-handed melodeons button accordion

If you are interested in a left-handed melodeon, do let us know. We always have instruments for restoration in stock as well as all common reed sets.

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