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    Hohner Pokerwork Bb/Eb For Sale

    For sale is a very special, very sweet sounding Hohner Pokerwork in the key of Bb/Eb. The instrument was restored and tuned following a baroque tuning system from Andreas Werckmeister first published in his writings from 1691. Readers of our website know about our praise of Ollie King’s fantastic solo record and obviously we had to make a Bb/Eb box…

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    Same Hohner box – very different tunings

    Custom button accordion tuning: same Hohner box, very different sound! Listen to a side by side comparison below. Recently I have fitted a vintage black Hohner box with a set of new Super Dural Reeds. The tuning I choose was a medium wet tuning with +-10ct A. Following the new owners wish, the box was re-tuned to a much wetter…

  • For Sale,  Repairs,  Tuning

    Workshop warranty on all my boxes

    Button accordion workshop warranty for 1 year on all my work. Every box I sell has been thoroughly set up and serviced in my workshop. In the unlikely event that there is an issue within the first year, I will fix it for you. This applies for: Problems with the buttons or keyboard Leaking bellows Blocked or out of tune…