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    Accordion reeds: old, used or brand new?

    We have all been there, deciding if the old accordion reeds should be tuned one last time or be upgraded to brand new ones. Sometimes it’s difficult to know what to do. If you are uncertain, open up the accordion and have a look at which state the reeds and valves are in. Sometimes you are lucky and the reeds are still in good condition to be tuned again. Maybe some valves have to be replaced but that is usually a quick fix unless the majority have to be changed. However if you have bought an old Hohner Erica on a flea market and it has never been serviced, or…

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    Accordion tuning | Spot tuning vs. Full tuning

    There is more than one approach to accordion tuning and it’s not always obvious what you sign up for when you have your accordion tuned. That’s why we would like to share a few of our thoughts with you on two common strategies of accordion tuning, namely the so called spot tuning and the full tuning. Let’s begin by discussing what those two terms mean. Accordion tuning A spot tuning is a partial tuning of the accordion. Not all reeds will be tuned but only those reeds that are out of tune. To determine which reeds are out of tune, the tuner will typically use it’s ear but a more…

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    Hohner Marca Registrada 3-voice accordion in D for sale

    We are happy to announce that we just finalized another custom restoration project: A super compact Hohner Marca Registrada 3-voice in the key of D. This one is motivated by all the positive feedback we received for the compact Hohner 3-voice boxes we have worked on in the past. We did not only convert the Marca Registrada from the key C to the key D, but we also added another tremolo row turning it into a full sounding 3-voice box (M+MM-). The inside was completely rebuilt to accommodate the additional reeds. We chose to tune the brand new Super Dural reeds to a nice Paolo-style medium wet tremolo with +-12ct…

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    C#/D/G accordion: Both an English Melodeon and an Irish Box!

    Here’s a cool custom restoration project. Following a customers suggestion, we converted a three row vintage Hohner accordion to the keys of C#/D/G. This unusual accordion tuning has several interesting advantages. First of all it’s two different accordions in the same instrument. An English D/G melodeon and an Irish C#/D box. This unique C#/D/G accordion allows you to switch from a lovely, bass line driven English Morris tune into a lively Irish reel both sounding authentic on their characteristic instrument tunings. Check out Ole’s demo of such a transition. If we were to be sent to a lonely island and we could bring only one box then why not bring…

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    Cajun accordion tunings explained

    A Cajun accordion has a distinct sound that is easily distinguished from other melodeons. While the powerful Cajun playing style is a big component of that sound, it is not the only one. The other bits come from the fact that these accordions are tuned to tunings that closely resemble just intonation. As a direct consequence, playing a chord that involves the third (e.g. E in the key of C) sounds much different when played on a Cajun box. While a standard tuned box with equal temperaments will produce an almost dissonant sound when playing the third and the fifth, i.e. E and G, a Cajun box will sound pure…

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    Hohner Pokerwork Bb/Eb For Sale

    For sale is a very special, very sweet sounding Hohner Pokerwork in the key of Bb/Eb. The instrument was restored and tuned following a baroque tuning system from Andreas Werckmeister first published in his writings from 1691. Readers of our website know about our praise of Ollie King’s fantastic solo record and obviously we had to make a Bb/Eb box after hearing it sound so mellow and pure on that recording. To generate an even more harmonic and sweet sound we choose Werckmeister’s non-equally tempered tuning system in combination with a flat and modern tremolo. The Hohner Pokerwork itself, is an early one with a black wooden keyboard. Some normal,…

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    Same Hohner box – very different tunings

    Custom button accordion tuning: same Hohner box, very different sound! Listen to a side by side comparison below. Recently I have fitted a vintage black Hohner box with a set of new Super Dural Reeds. The tuning I choose was a medium wet tuning with +-10ct A. Following the new owners wish, the box was re-tuned to a much wetter – Paolo like – tremolo. I am quite surprised what difference that makes but have a listen for yourself: Personally, I love that new sound! So from now on, this particular – non-standard – tuning has a firm part in my tuning repertoire. If you have any custom button accordion…

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    Workshop warranty on all our boxes

    Button accordion workshop warranty for 1 year on all our work. Every box we sell has been thoroughly set up and serviced in our workshop. In the unlikely event that there is an issue within the first year, we will fix it for you. This applies for: Problems with the buttons or keyboard Leaking bellows Blocked or out of tune reeds etc If you have not made use of this warranty after one year, it turns into a 50% voucher for refreshing the tuning of your box. Conditions: Shipping has to be paid by the box owner The warranty holds for defects in material or our workmanship and does not…

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