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    B/C OR C#/D: Irish button accordion tunings compared

    Probably the most common question we receive is about the two Irish button accordion tunings, B/C or C#/D. That’s why we wrote the following lines. Here you’ll get a small overview on the matter alongside some points we believe are most important to know. We hope they prove useful for one or the other aspiring box player. What’s the difference for the player? In two -totally oversimplified- sentences the difference is this: On a B/C box you’ll have to move your fingers quite a bit while the changes in the bellows movement are relatively little. On a C#/D box you will have to move the bellows quite a bit, while…

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    Irish Folk Workshop Bonn: Button Accordion class

    Finale of the 21st irish folk workshop in Bonn: Teachers and students play a small concert to show what they learned. I am delighted to announce that I will be back at the Irish Folk Workshop Bonn to teach a beginners/intermediate Irish button accordion class. The workshop takes place from 21. – 22. of March 2020 in the facilities of the Music School in Bonn. More information & sign-up Claus Steinort, myself, Éamonn Coyne, Sabrina Palm and Ekhart Topp at a former Irish Folk Workshop in Bonn (2014). In March, the classes will be: Ensemble w. Jarlath Henderson Tin Whistle w. Claus Steinort Fiddle w. Sabrina Palm Guitar (backing, standard…

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    Free Button Accordion Tutorial: Egan’s Polka

    Here’s a free button accordion tutorial using some footage of a workshop I gave in Bonn/Germany about two years ago. The recording is supposed to help the participants remember the tune and the bass line as well as some ornamentation. I always teach this tune to my students, it’s simple yet fun to play. Especially when spiced up with some nice bass notes. Have a look: Download the free sheet music for the lesson here: Download free sheets If you have any questions or want a lesson in person or via skype, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

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    How to play fast on the button accordion?

    “What do I have to do to play tunes faster on the button accordion?” is by far the most asked question when I teach Irish button accordion to my students. Here are some tips & tricks that will help you to play fast tunes: Play efficient Keep your fingers close to the buttons. The less far the finger needs to travel to press down the button, the better! Try to operate the bellows with minimal effort. It does not require much work to make your box sound! Find a good compromise between desired loudness (it needs to sound good!) and effortless playing. Little bellow movements can be carried out very…

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    DIY Box repairs

    I started a series of small accordion repair instructions. Simple things that are easy and good to know for every accordion player. For those of you who took the effort to visit this page: Thanks you! Here’s some exclusive blooper content from the video for you. If you want to know more about accordion repairs or have a suggestion for a specific topic for the next video, just let us know.

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    Teachers concert Bonn 2018

    Here is a small clip from this years teachers concert 27th Irish music workshop weekend in Bonn. In the video you can see Andrew Cadie, Claus Steinort, me, Sabrina Palm and Ekhart Topp. For more information on planned workshops in Bonn contact us or visit http://www.workshopbonn.topp.me

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