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Hohner Pokerwork in A/D

I am selling a German made Hohner Pokerwork in the tuning A/D. The instrument has been improved with new felt pads (silent keyboard action, even in fast tunes) and a fresh tuning with less tremolo that suits the mellow sound of the box very well. New shoulder strap holders were added and the grill lining renewed on both treble and bass side.

Here’s what it sounds like solo.
Here’s what it sounds like when playing some reels

The instrument is in excellent playing condition and looks as shiny as new though it is a second hand instrument.

Hohner Pokerwork in A/D Melodeon

One or two shoulder straps are included and a suitable small Hohner hard case or gig bag can be added for an additional cost of 50 EUR / 30 EUR.

If you want more information about the Hohner Pokerwork in A/D please contact me!

Price: Sold.


For Sale: Restored C/F Weltmeister

A nice pre-1990 Weltmeister Melodeon tuned in C/F for Sale! I have come across a couple of Weltmeister Accordions already and this one is in surprisingly good condition. Accordion making has a long tradition in the area of Klingenthal as can be read in this little overview. This box was made in the days of the nationally owned enterprise, VEB Klingenthaler Harmonikawerke most likely pre-1990 as indicated by the sticker of origin (DDR – socialist eastern Germany).

Weltmeister Melodeon C/F for Sale

The accordion is in mint condition, fully restored and tuned. The tuning is C/F with additional semi-tones (F#/G# , D#/C#) placed at the bottom of the keyboard. It plays light and makes an ideal first instrument for a beginner or travel accordion.

Please contact me if you want more information about the Weltmeister Melodeon in C/F for Sale.



Restored Hohner B/C for sale

I decided to sell my recently refurbished black Hohner B/C melodeon to make some room for new boxes.

The box was fitted with new TAM reeds in B/C as well as new felt pads. It’s 2-voice and the bass layout is standard G/D, C/G, A/E, C/F without thirds. Here you find some more info about the instrument.

refurbished Hohner B/C melodeon

I have uploaded a sample of what the box sounds like:

Play Keogh's - Dom and Ole

Played by me and Dom in an Amsterdam session.

Price: Sold


Watch me restore a beautiful vintage Hohner two-row

On the inside I removed all the old reeds and replaced them with new TAM reeds in B/C. On the outside I decided to keep the look and feel of the instrument. The buttons show some tear from being used all those years, but in my opinion this adds to the instrument.
The only thing I had to fix on the outside was putting new felt pads to take away the button noise.

The result can be watched and heard in this little YouTube clip.

Drop me a note if you have any questions!