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    Extra long shoulder straps

    If you like to play your accordion with just one shoulder strap, then you might have noticed that a lot of shoulder straps out there are actually too short. Especially for this style of playing, we have now stocked extra long shoulder straps. This basic model is made in Italy and with 126 cm total length it’s long enough to comfortably rest the accordion on your knee. Check out our shop if you are interested in ordering an extra long shoulder strap.

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    Adjustable bass strap

    We are happy to announce that we started to offer our customers adjustable bass straps. Do you have a button accordion where the bass strap is too tight or uncomfortable? In that case this might be something for you! This ‘Made in Italy’ adjustable bass strap offers great comfort for the left hand due to its padded, soft velvet material. It’s black, made of leather and very durable. With this bass strap you can finally decide how tight the strap should be around your hand. It will definitely improve your comfort in playing the button accordion. It’s easy to fit. First, you need to remove your old one and put…

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    Hohner Marca Registrada 3-voice accordion in D for sale

    We are happy to announce that we just finalized another custom restoration project: A super compact Hohner Marca Registrada 3-voice in the key of D. This one is motivated by all the positive feedback we received for the compact Hohner 3-voice boxes we have worked on in the past. We did not only convert the Marca Registrada from the key C to the key D, but we also added another tremolo row turning it into a full sounding 3-voice box (M+MM-). The inside was completely rebuilt to accommodate the additional reeds. We chose to tune the brand new Super Dural reeds to a nice Paolo-style medium wet tremolo with +-12ct…

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    New Melodeon Gig Bags

    Our new melodeon gig bags have arrived! Now we can offer all our customers optimal protection and carrying comfort for their instruments. Premium and standard models available. Our Italian made quality gig bags are available for all common melodeon and diatonic button accordion sizes. From the classic two-voice, two-row to the bigger three-row or four-voice boxes. Ask us and we’ll happily provide detailed pictures with a similar sized box as yours. We help you pick the right size! Just let us know your accordion model and we’ll make sure it fits!

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    Castagnari Nik in B/C for sale

    We are selling a beautiful second hand Castagnari Nik B/C. Castagnari has been a household name for button accordions of highest standards and this one is no exception. If you are looking for that distinct modern box sound, this might well be for you. The beautiful instrument is used but in excellent condition. Hear Ole play a reel on the Nik. This is a professional grade instrument with 2-voices and a modern dry tuning. It plays easy and responsive. The accordion comes with an original hard case and shoulder straps. We can provide a suitable new Italian gig bag for an additional fee if desired. Contact us

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    Hohner Pokerwork Bb/Eb For Sale

    For sale is a very special, very sweet sounding Hohner Pokerwork in the key of Bb/Eb. The instrument was restored and tuned following a baroque tuning system from Andreas Werckmeister first published in his writings from 1691. Readers of our website know about our praise of Ollie King’s fantastic solo record and obviously we had to make a Bb/Eb box after hearing it sound so mellow and pure on that recording. To generate an even more harmonic and sweet sound we choose Werckmeister’s non-equally tempered tuning system in combination with a flat and modern tremolo. The Hohner Pokerwork itself, is an early one with a black wooden keyboard. Some normal,…

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    For Sale: Paolo Soprani Elite II B/C

    If you are digging the old Paolo sound as much as we do, then this box might well tempt you: We are selling a 4-voice (LMMM) B/C tuned red Paolo Soprani Elite II at an affordable price. The instrument shows some age related wear and tear on the backside but is in excellent playing condition. The accordion was most likely made between 1980-90. It comes with 9-treble couplers that allow for an M, MM, MMM, LM, LMMM sound. Four couplers are dublicate. The bass coupler takes out the lower bass and thirds. The instrument is tuned to a nice Paolo style tremolo. It comes with a suitable hard case and…

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    For Sale: Weltmeister C/F (516)

    We just finished servicing a lovely wooden Weltmeister 516 melodeon in C/F, made in Germany. The melodeon was bought in 2007 and has hardly ever been played. Apart from some very minor scratches below the keyboard, the instrument is in excellent condition. It is well in tune with a medium wet tremolo that sounds full and warm. However, in case you prefer a dry tremolo, we will re-tune the melodeon for a small additional fee. The fifth button of the inside row has been switched. In Dutch this is called “gedraaide 5de toets” and a common (and handy!) Dutch modification. If needed, this can be reversed without any additional cost.…

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    Custom restoration of a 1950ies Hohner Erica

    I just finished the restoration of an old Hohner Erica with a lovely wooden keyboard. Judged by the characteristic recessed grille, black bellows and black wooden keyboard, this is one of the first Erica accordions made by Hohner in the mid-fifties. One of the first in this incredibly successful button accordion series. Certainly this is one of the oldest Erica boxes I have seen so far. Above all, it sounds nice too! Here is a sound sample of the converted accordion. Drop us a note if you would like to have a custom made accordion too.

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