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Irish Accordion Videos – our Top 5

Irish Accordion Videos - Top 5 by

Do you also have a few videos that you keep watching over and over? Well, we do and of course, they are Irish Accordion videos. With the Mulligan’s Session in Amsterdam being laid off due to COVID, we spent the Sundays chasing new tunes on various virtual sessions or live streams. Let’s see if you find the following videos as inspiring as we do.

Gary Curley & Stephen McKee

Gary and Stephen play super groovy banjo/box music. This particular video starts with an all-time favorite of ours, Larkin’s Beehive by Paddy O’Brien. With plenty of Tadhg Mulligan’s the back-up is in good hands too. This video has it all.

Much more music by Gary and Stephen can be found in a recent Facebook live stream:

Damian Mullane

Here’s a more modern treat from Irish Button Accordion prodigy Damian Mullane. This wonderful set of Polkas is just stunning. Super tight playing with a very skilled and tasteful bass arrangement too! My understanding is that Damian wrote the tunes, but there is no note in the video description. If you know more about this, feel free to leave a comment…

Keelan McGrath

Several times U18 All Ireland Accordion Champion Keelan McGrath has starred in many brilliant accordion videos. Here are not one but two of his wonderful videos. For those of us who enjoy the sound of a good old red Paolo:

and for those who enjoy a bit less tremolo and a more modern sounding box:

What a talent! We hope there will be a recording soon.

Orlaith McAuliffe, Darren Breslin & Stephen Rooney

We have been fans of Darren Breslin and Orlaith McAuliffe for quite some time now. Every video with them is worth watching. However, this one, in the drizzling rain on the Fleadh 2016, is a firm favorite.

Finbar Dwyer & Brian McGrath

Videos of legendary accordion player Finbar Dwyer are quite scarce. So this one is a real gem. Finbar is playing a couple of reels starting with the Penny Candle leading into his very own The Hollybush. Watching the master play variation after variation in this video never ceases to amaze us…

So that’s the top 5 of our favorite Irish Accordion videos. If you fancy more lists check out our List of awesome Accordion players or our Top Irish Accordion Albums.

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