Eduard Bekker has a fantastic site called 'De Harmonicahoek'. It gathers all sorts of background information on melodeon music and culture (mostly C/F, G/C, A/D and the likes but he also links to this site
I am selling a German made Hohner Pokerwork in the tuning A/D. The instrument has been improved with new felt pads (silent keyboard action, even in fast tunes) and a fresh tuning with less tremolo
I started a series of small accordion repair instructions. Simple things that are easy and good to know for every accordion player. For those of you who took the effort to visit this page: Thanks
A nice pre-1990 Weltmeister Melodeon tuned in C/F for Sale! I have come across a couple of Weltmeister Accordions already and this one is in surprisingly good condition. Accordion making has a long tradition in
It is time for reels again and this week I'm playing Miss McGuiness and McGoldrick's. Miss McGuiness is a tune I have played for a long time after I heard Frankie Gavin play it with
I finally found the time to record some tunes and I'm going to share them with you! I'll put some info on where I got them from. The following two reels have been longtime favorites
Had a blast on last weekends tune frenzy in Hamm and came home with many many nice new tunes to learn and some I used to play but forgot all about. This cute little set
Here is a small clip from this years teachers concert 27th Irish music workshop weekend in Bonn. In the video you can see Andrew Cadie, Claus Steinort, me, Sabrina Palm and Ekhart Topp. For more
I decided to sell my recently refurbished black Hohner B/C melodeon to make some room for new boxes. The box was fitted with new TAM reeds in B/C as well as new felt pads. It's
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