I get to experience the evolution of accordion technology first hand while working on old accordions. Often times I find myself smiling over dirty hacks or creative solutions after opening up a box. In this
This beautiful Hohner accordion is from the 1930ies and was one of Hohner's top range models in those days. It was originally tuned C/F before I converted it to C#/D. It has been fitted with
Here you can find free button accordion sheet music. The mountains of Pomeroy is a tune that can nicely be played as a slow and haunting tune on the box. It's easy to play and
Hohner Marca Registrada melodeon for Sale! Playing one-row boxes has become a bit of a trend lately. Maybe it's the search for simplicity or just Emma Corbett killing it on her melodeon (listen here)... On
Button accordion workshop warranty for 1 year on all our work. Every box we sell has been thoroughly set up and serviced in our workshop. In the unlikely event that there is an issue within
A beautiful Hohner Erica B/C melodeon fitted with brand new Hohner reeds, new felt pads and gaze on grill and bass. Tuned to a medium dry +8ct on A. The bellows show some wear, but
The star of this blog post is small, very small, tiny one might say -at least for a full 2.5-row/2-voice button box. This is what we are talking about: The Hohner Liliput went into production
If your accordion makes a lot of clickedy-clack sounds when you play it, you might want to consider having the felt pads exchanged. Often the pads on mid-range accordions are only covered by a thin
Eduard Bekker has a fantastic site called 'De Harmonicahoek'. It gathers all sorts of background information on melodeon music and culture (mostly C/F, G/C, A/D and the likes but he also links to this site