Left-handed melodeons are not a common sight which is a bit surprising given that approximately 10% of the world’s population are thought to be left-handed (source: Wikipedia). It seems to us that the majority of
Our new melodeon gig bags have arrived! Now we can offer all our customers optimal protection and carrying comfort for their instruments. Premium and standard models available. Our Italian made quality gig bags are available
The worldwide Corona lockdown has triggered the production of a lot of new music videos and virtual social events. When the two effects combined on Facebook, the squeezebox chain was born. It's the same as
Here's a wonderful Hohner Laurel Leaf that we have recently rejuvenated. These beautiful instruments were Hohner's premium models back in the 1930ies. Hohner Laurel Leafs make very nice Irish boxes when properly cleaned and set
We have just finished a very interesting custom restoration of a very rare three-row Hohner Golden Laurel Leaf box to an A/D/G melodeon. The instrument is roundabout 80 years old and appears to be in
We are selling a beautiful second hand Castagnari Nik B/C. Castagnari has been a household name for button accordions of highest standards and this one is no exception. If you are looking for that distinct
This is my totally unordered list of awesome accordion players I am a die-hard fan of. Needless to say, the list reflects my personal taste. Darren Breslin from Lisnaskea, County Fermanagh, Northern Ireland (Winner of
Probably the most common question we receive is about the two Irish button accordion tunings, B/C or C#/D. That's why we wrote the following lines. Here you'll get a small overview on the matter alongside
What would be the most popular melodeon tuning? Probably D/G, C/F or maybe G/C, depending on whether you ask in the UK, the Netherlands or France. So which one should you pick? Well, if your