Here is a new rabbit hole for all of you who always hunt for fresh and interesting tunes. Master fiddle player and national heritage fellow Séamus Connolly collected over 330 wonderful Irish and Irish/American tunes.
We are happy to announce that we just finalized another custom restoration project: A super compact Hohner Marca Registrada 3-voice in the key of D. This one is motivated by all the positive feedback we
Here's a cool custom restoration project. Following a customers suggestion, we converted a three row vintage Hohner accordion to the keys of C#/D/G. This unusual accordion tuning has several interesting advantages. First of all it's
A Cajun accordion has a distinct sound that is easily distinguished from other melodeons. While the powerful Cajun playing style is a big component of that sound, it is not the only one. The other
Left-handed melodeons are not a common sight which is a bit surprising given that approximately 10% of the world’s population are thought to be left-handed (source: Wikipedia). It seems to us that the majority of
Our new melodeon gig bags have arrived! Now we can offer all our customers optimal protection and carrying comfort for their instruments. Premium and standard models available. Our Italian made quality gig bags are available
The worldwide Corona lockdown has triggered the production of a lot of new music videos and virtual social events. When the two effects combined on Facebook, the squeezebox chain was born. It's the same as
Here's a wonderful Hohner Laurel Leaf that we have recently rejuvenated. These beautiful instruments were Hohner's premium models back in the 1930ies. Hohner Laurel Leafs make very nice Irish boxes when properly cleaned and set
We have just finished a very interesting custom restoration of a very rare three-row Hohner Golden Laurel Leaf box to an A/D/G melodeon. The instrument is roundabout 80 years old and appears to be in
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