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Diatonisch nieuwsblad – The diatonic newspaper of the Netherlands

Diatonisch nieuwsblad - The diatonic newspaper of the Netherlands.

The Netherlands are home to a very vivid scene of diatonic accordion players. This manifests not only in the surprising number of notable Dutch accordion makers, e.g. Frans van der Aa, Karel van der Leuw or Noud Martinali, or professional players, but also in many festivals, concerts and workshops hosted all around the country.

For all those of us, who want to stay up-to-date with all the players, makers and events, we would like to introduce the diatonisch nieuwsblad (”diatonic newspaper”). The diatonisch nieuwsblad is a quarterly magazine, made for diatonic accordion, concertina, harmonica and bandoneon players.

Each volume features an in-depth interview with a player, maker or otherwise notable persona from the diatonic cosmos as well as enlightening articles about accordion repair, travel reports or various musical genres. And since it’s all about music, free sheet music, complete with tabulature and recordings, is part of any volume. To browse through the archives or sign up with the diatonisch nieuwsblad, simply visit their website.

Diatonisch nieuwsblad… Het is echt goed, hoor!

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