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Tip: Dén Díobháil by Nuadán

While we are in the final stage of completing the next restored melodeon, we have a hot tip for all those of you who can never get enough traditional Irish music: Nuadán is an exciting young band from the Gaeltacht area in the County Waterford (Déise).

These guys were brought up with traditional music and that can be heard. A lovely selection of tunes and songs played on fiddle, flute, box and bouzouki. What strikes me most is the wonderful arrangements and the lilting pace. It’s almost like the instruments are singing the tunes. While the band is harmonizing perfectly, the box playing of Cárthach deserves to be highlighted. This is an accordion site after all. Well done, gents!

Tip: Check out the brilliant lift created when going into the final polka on track #2.

I will definitely have my eyes and ears open for what future traditional Irish music Nuadán will play.

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