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Adjustable bass strap

We are happy to announce that we started to offer our customers adjustable bass straps. Do you have a button accordion where the bass strap is too tight or uncomfortable? In that case this might be something for you!

This ‘Made in Italy’ adjustable bass strap offers great comfort for the left hand due to its padded, soft velvet material. It’s black, made of leather and very durable. With this bass strap you can finally decide how tight the strap should be around your hand. It will definitely improve your comfort in playing the button accordion.

It’s easy to fit. First, you need to remove your old one and put the screws aside, which will be reused later on. If you don’t want to make holes at the end of the left and right-hand side of the strap, we can make them for you. After the holes are done you only need to screw back in the screws and it’s done. Simple right?

Drop us a message if you are interested in replacing your old bass strap to our adjustable one.


  • Peter Rehberger

    Dieser verstellbare Bassgurt ist einfach ein “Muss-Haben” für Akkordeonspieler. vor allem wenn das Akkordeon von verschiedenen Spielern benutzt wird. Der Gurt ist weich gepolstert und sehr einfach verstellbar. Und ich habe bisher keine Alternative gefunden. Ich bin begeistert.

  • Peter Rehberger

    This adjustable bass strap is a must-have for accordion players. Especially when the accordion is used by different players. The strap is softly padded and very easy to adjust. And so far I haven’t found an alternative. I’m excited.

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