Folk music has been learned by ear for centuries, and it’s the best way to learn it. Many of the beautiful subtleties that make folk music so great cannot be transcribed without loss. Ornamentation in
Without doubt, being able to tune your own accordion is a very useful skill. Of course it takes a lot of practice and knowledge to properly tune an accordion, but every journey begins with the
Hooray, live music is back! We are happy to announce that Ole will join the Trad-Travellers on stage at the Folkerdey 2022 festival held on June 11th in Ratingen, Germany. The Trad-Travellers are a loose
The Netherlands are home to a very vivid scene of diatonic accordion players. This manifests not only in the surprising number of notable Dutch accordion makers, e.g. Frans van der Aa, Karel van der Leuw
Do you also have a few videos that you keep watching over and over? Well, we do and of course, they are Irish Accordion videos. With the Mulligan's Session in Amsterdam being laid off due
If you like to play your accordion with just one shoulder strap, then you might have noticed that a lot of shoulder straps out there are actually too short. Especially for this style of playing,
We are happy to announce that we started to offer our customers adjustable bass straps. Do you have a button accordion where the bass strap is too tight or uncomfortable? In that case this might
We have all been there, deciding if the old accordion reeds should be tuned one last time or be upgraded to brand new ones. Sometimes it's difficult to know what to do. If you are
There is more than one approach to accordion tuning and it's not always obvious what you sign up for when you have your accordion tuned. That's why we would like to share a few of
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