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For Sale: Paolo Soprani Elite II B/C


If you are digging the old Paolo sound as much as we do, then this box might well tempt you: We are selling a 4-voice (LMMM) B/C tuned red Paolo Soprani Elite II at an affordable price. The instrument shows some age related wear and tear on the backside but is in excellent playing condition.

The accordion was most likely made between 1980-90. It comes with 9-treble couplers that allow for an M, MM, MMM, LM, LMMM sound. Four couplers are dublicate. The bass coupler takes out the lower bass and thirds. The instrument is tuned to a nice Paolo style tremolo.

It comes with a suitable hard case and two shoulder straps. This is a private sale out of our personal collection and trade-in offers are welcome.

Contact us for more details about the red Paolo Soprani Elite II in B/C.


    • OleCarstensen

      Hi Jean, unfortunately, the Hohner is not of interest for us but we do have a couple of old Paolos that we plan to convert, once we find the time. When exactly that moment will come is hard to say though, we are quite busy and have a long list of repairs. If you would like to discuss reserving a Paolo for you, please feel free to reach out via the contact form and/or subscribe to our newsletter for updates on our shop. Cheers, Ole

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