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Hohner Marca Registrada 3-voice accordion in D for sale

Compact Hohner 3-voice Marca in the key of D.

We are happy to announce that we just finalized another custom restoration project: A super compact Hohner Marca Registrada 3-voice in the key of D.

This one is motivated by all the positive feedback we received for the compact Hohner 3-voice boxes we have worked on in the past.

We did not only convert the Marca Registrada from the key C to the key D, but we also added another tremolo row turning it into a full sounding 3-voice box (M+MM-).

The inside was completely rebuilt to accommodate the additional reeds.

We chose to tune the brand new Super Dural reeds to a nice Paolo-style medium wet tremolo with +-12ct on A.

In addition we limited button travel and fitted new felt pads, shoulder strap holders and bellow nails.

The 3-voices sound very full and punchy when playing fast tunes:

Yet, they sing on the slower tunes:

Included in the price:

  • brand new Super Dural reeds
  • new felt pads (to quieten the noise of the keyboard)
  • limited button travel
  • tight bellows
  • new strap holders
  • one shoulder strap
  • new bellow nails
  • Free option: Bass without thirds
  • our 1-year workshop warranty

We can provide a small suitable Hohner hard case or an Italian made gig bag for an additional fee.

Drop us a message if you are interested in this Hohner Marca Registrada 3-voice accordion.

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