For Sale: Hohner Erika B/C for trad. irish music

A beautiful Hohner Erika B/C melodeon fitted with brand new Hohner reeds, new felt pads and gaze on grill and bass. Tuned to a medium dry +8ct on A. The bellows show some wear, but are in good working condition. No air leeks, no serious damage.

The box was made for trad. music:

Tell me know, a nice waltz on the freshly tuned Erika B/C box.

Very happy with the outcome of the melodeon. It plays light and sounds nice.

Comes with an one year accordion-doc workshop warranty and shoulder straps. A suitable small Hohner hard case or gig bag can be added for an additional cost of 50 EUR / 30 EUR.

Contact me if you want more information about the Hohner Erika B/C melodeon.

Price: 665 EUR (incl. 21% VAT)


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