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Button Accordions for Sale

We always have interesting – ready to play – button accordions and melodeons for sale. Custom tuning on request is of course welcome. There is a lot happening in our workshop, so don’t hesitate too long as newly posted accordions tend to disappear fast from our shelves. We will continuously update this page for those of you who are looking for a new button accordion. Don’t forget to sign up for our newsletter and be the first to know when something new happens on this website.

Looking for a custom made button accordion?

We have over the years built up an inventory of button accordions ( 1, 2, 2 ½ and 3-rows ) that sooner or later will be restored by us. You can always contact us if you don’t want to wait until our next restoration project has finalized and we will try to match your needs with a custom restoration ( setup, tuning, etc ).

Button Accordions for Sale - selection of accordions
A selection of vintage Hohner button accordions – ready for custom restoration!

Starting price: 300 EUR + 21 % VAT + shipping (depends on stock and work that needs to be done)

Erika, B/C

A beautiful Hohner Erika box fitted with brand new Hohner reeds, new felt pads and gaze on grill and bass. Tuned to a medium dry +8ct on A. The bellows show some wear, but are in good working condition. No air leeks, no serious damage. The box was made for traditional music:

Tell me know, a nice waltz on the freshly tuned Erika B/C box.

I’m very happy with the outcome of the accordion. It plays light and sounds nice.

The accordion comes with 1-year workshop warranty and shoulder straps. A suitable small Hohner hard case or gig bag can be added for an additional cost of 50 EUR / 30 EUR.

Price: 665 EUR (incl. 21% Vat)

Drop us a note if you are interested in the B/C Hohner Erika.

Hohner Pokerwork in Bb/Eb

For sale is a very special, very sweet sounding Hohner Pokerwork in the key of Bb/Eb. The instrument was restored and tuned following a baroque tuning system from Andreas Werckmeister first published in his writings from 1691. Here two sound samples from the Instrument:

Readers of our website know about our praise of Ollie King’s fantastic solo record and obviously we had to make a Bb/Eb box after hearing it sound so mellow and pure on that recording. To generate an even more harmonic and sweet sound we choose Werckmeister’s non-equally tempered tuning system in combination with a flat and modern tremolo.

The Hohner Pokerwork itself, is an early one with a black wooden keyboard. Some normal, age related, wear and tear, can be seen on the outside of the box but it comes in overall perfect playing condition.

Included are:

  • brand new reeds
  • new felt pads (to quieten the noise of the keyboard)
  • limited button travel
  • tight bellows
  • a shoulder strap
  • Free option: Bass without thirds
  • Free option: Gedraaide 5te toets
  • our 1-year workshop warranty

We can provide a small suitable Hohner hard case or a gig bag for an additional fee. Just contact us for details.

Price: 625 EUR (incl. 21% VAT) + Shipping


Hohner Pokerwork in A/D

I am selling a German made Hohner Pokerwork in the tuning A/D. The instrument has been improved with new felt pads (silent keyboard action, even in fast tunes) and a fresh tuning with less tremolo that suits the mellow sound of the box very well. I have added new shoulder strap holders and the grill lining has been renewed on both treble and bass side. The accordion comes with 1-year workshop warranty.

Have a listen!

The instrument is in excellent playing condition and looks as shiny as new though it is a second hand instrument.

The pokerwork is in really good condition looking super stylish.
Here you can see and hear the box.

One or two shoulder straps are included and a suitable small Hohner hard case or gig bag can be added for an additional cost of 50 EUR / 30 EUR.

Custom bass: With or without thirds.

Price: 665 EUR Sold.

Contact us if you are looking for a Pokerwork just like this. We do have more in stock…-ready to be set up.


We just finished servicing a lovely wooden Weltmeister 516 melodeon in C/F, made in Germany. The melodeon was bought in 2007 and has hardly ever been played. Apart from some very minor scratches below the keyboard, the instrument is in excellent condition. It is well in tune with a medium wet tremolo that sounds full and warm. However, in case you prefer a dry tremolo, we will re-tune the melodeon for a small additional fee.

The fifth button of the inside row has been switched. In Dutch this is called “gedraaide 5de toets” and a common (and handy!) Dutch modification. If needed, this can be reversed without any additional cost.

The instrument feels new and plays very easy. Therefore this quality melodeon is an ideal beginners instrument that is easy to handle and easy to make sound good:

The melodeon comes with a set of two nice shoulder straps and custom fit solid case as well as our 1-year workshop warranty.

Price: 726 EUR (including 21% VAT, excluding Shipping)

Drop us a note if you are interested in this lovely Weltmeister 516 melodeon in C/F.

Hohner, 2-Voice B/C, ~1930 ies

A super beautiful old Hohner box, that I bought in 2015 from someone who had it lying on his attic. I put in new TAM reeds and new felt pads to quieten down the keyboard. Everything not related to sound, I kept original. The label mentions a classic music store in Hamburg (Detmering) and I like to imagine it being played in Hamburg’s infamous redlight district (reeperbahn) back in the old days. Who knows what it has seen and where it has been…

I played it quite a bit in the Amsterdam session, in particular I remember playing it in my first ever Amsterdam session.

Here’s a recording of me playing a Billy McComiskey tune, backed by Dominic Crosby in Amsterdam.

Price: 700 (incl. VAT) Sold.

Contact us if you are looking for a vintage box like this. We do have more in stock…-ready to be set up.

Restored 3-Voice Hohner C#/D (~1930)

This beautiful Hohner accordion is from the 1930ies and was one of Hohner’s top range models in those days. It was originally tuned C/F before I converted it to C#/D.

It has been fitted with new super dural reeds and tuned to medium tremolo of +-10ct on A. Due to the three voices it plays loud and with a rich and mellow sound. The thirds have been removed from the basses.

The keyboard and buttons are kept original but have been setup (limited button travel, new felt pads and mechanics adjustment) to play much more quiet and easy. The visible metal parts have been cleaned and de-rusted and the bellows are in a good condition.

The instrument comes with a full 1-year workshop warranty and a shoulder strap. A suitable hard case can be added for an additional fee if needed.

Price: Sold.

Contact us if you are looking for a 3-voice Irish box. We do have similar instruments in stock!

Hohner Erika 2-voice D/G

We just finished the restoration of an old Hohner Erika with a lovely wooden keyboard. Judged by the characteristic recessed grille, black bellows and black wooden keyboard, this is one of the first Erika accordions made by Hohner in the mid-fifties. One of the first in this incredibly successful button accordion series. Certainly this is one of the oldest Erika boxes I have seen so far. Above all, it sounds nice too!

Here is a sound sample of the converted accordion.

Price: Sold.

Contact us if you are looking for a similar D/G accordion.

PAOLO SOPRANI Elite II 4-voice B/C

If you are digging the old Paolo sound as much as we do, then this box might well tempt you: We are selling a 4-voice (LMMM) B/C tuned red Paolo Soprani Elite II at an affordable price. The instrument shows some age related wear and tear on the backside but is in excellent playing condition.

Hear it played!

The accordion was most likely made between 1980-90. It comes with 9-treble couplers that allow for an M, MM, MMM, LM, LMMM sound. Four couplers are dublicate. The bass coupler takes out the lower bass and thirds. The instrument is tuned to a nice Paolo style tremolo.

It comes with a suitable hard case and two shoulder straps. This is a private sale out of our personal collection and trade-in offers are welcome.

Price: Sold

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Hohner Marca Registrada 1-Row

Playing one-row boxes has become a bit of a trend lately. Maybe it’s the search for simplicity or just Emma Corbett killing it on her melodeon (listen here)…

On behalf of an acquaintance, I’m selling a beautiful old Hohner Marca Registrada in the key of C. The box belonged to a relative that recently passed away and was hardly ever played. The Instrument is stunningly beautiful and in top condition: Ready-to-play. It does not come with my full workshop warranty but has been checked in the workshop and the felt pads on the bass-side have been renewed. It plays nicely, the bellows are tight and the tuning is good.

The accordion comes with the original fabric bag and shoulder strap.

Price: Sold.

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A very pretty Weltmeister button accordion for sale in A/D, freshly tuned and serviced – ready to play. The accordion sounds very mellow and quiet because A/D is much lower sounding in pitch than C/F. This is a perfect instrument for a beginner or someone with sensitive neighbors.

A Swedish waltz played on the Weltmeister A/D

The bellows are as new, the keyboard plays smooth and quiet and the instrument is light and easy to handle.

The accordion has the following features:

  • New tuning to medium flat tremolo (+8 ct on A)
  • Gedraaide 5de toets – push/pull of 5ths button on inside row is reversed. Note: I can remove this if needed.
  • Optional: Bass without thirds
  • Shoulder strap
  • Full 1-year workshop warranty
  • You can add a suitable hard case for an additional fee

Price: Sold.

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Weltmeister, C/F

A nice pre-1990 Weltmeister accordion tuned in C/F. I have come across a couple of Weltmeister accordions already and this one is in surprisingly good condition. Accordion making has a long tradition in the area of Klingenthal as can be read in this little overview. This box was made in the days of the nationally owned enterprise, VEB Klingenthaler Harmonikawerke most likely pre-1990 as indicated by the sticker of origin (DDR – socialist eastern Germany).

Have a listen how nice this Weltmeister box sounds with a proper tuning.

The accordion is in mint condition, fully restored and tuned. The tuning is C/F with additional semi-tones (F#/G# , D#/C#) placed at the bottom of the keyboard. It plays light and makes an ideal first instrument for a beginner or travel accordion.

Price: Sold.

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Hohner Pokerwork, 2-Voice D/C#


A beautiful old Hohner Pokerwork. I re-taped the bellows, put new felt pads on and converted it D/C#. 

Price: Sold.

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