Accordion Tuning

Any button accordion & melodeon tuning is possible: from modern to old school and from quarter comma meantone to equal temperaments or authentic Cajun tunings. We have been tuning accordions for years and have a somewhat nerdy interest in different tremolo settings used for accordions in the present and past. We are happy to discuss your tuning needs with you.

Here are some prices for different tunings:

  • 2-row / 2-voice Button Accordion – just tuning (keeping tremolo as-is): 160 EUR + 21 % VAT
  • For more specialized tunings the price can be lower (just a couple of reeds need re-tuning) or higher (e.g. if the accordion has more voices)

Listen to sounds samples of different tunings we have done in the past:

Dry tuned ( 6ct on A ) – Hohner in B/C

Restored Hohner Erika fitted with new Hohner reeds in B/C.

Less dry tuned ( 8ct on A ) – Hohner Pokerwork in D/G

Restored Pokerwork with Hohner reeds in D/G

Wet tuned ( Paolo Soprani style ) – Marinucci in G/C

Two voice sound of Marinucci accordion with original reeds in G/C.

Less wet tuned ( 10ct on A ) – Hohner Pokerwork in C/F

Restored Pokerwork with C/F Hohner reeds

Here are some sound samples of three-voice accordions we have tuned:

Medium wet (3-voice) tuning (10ct on A) – Hohner Corso with new Super Durall reeds in B/C

Scottish musette (3-voice) tuning – Dino Baffetti (3-voice, MMM) with original reeds in G/C.

Wet – Paolo Soprani style (3-voice) – Paolo Soprani with new Italian A Mano reeds in B/C

Cajun tuning samples:

Cajun accordions are tuned in a special way that makes them sound sweeter than normal one-row accordions. Apart from very few exceptions, this tuning is not used by the big manufacturers.

Weltmeister Cajun Accordion in C re-tuned to Cajun tuning by us.
Hohner 114 in A re-tuned to Cajun tuning by us.

Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions regarding button accordion and melodeon tuning services, no job is too small or too big. We don’t mind challenges and will take on urgent requests immediately.