Melodeon Sheet Music and TabulatureHere you can find traditional Irish tunes with sheet music and tabulature for beginner button accordion and melodeon players. You can also listen to my recordings to hear how the tunes sound.

If you know a tune that plays very nice on the accordion but can’t find the sheet music and tabulature online, you can contact me and ask for the the sheet music or a lesson.

Reels – Tabulature & Sheet Music


The Shaskeen (10/11) 
The Shaskeen (11/12) 


Walsh’s Fancy (10/11) 
Walsh’s Fancy (11/12) 


The Green Fields Of America (10/11) 
The Green Fields Of America (11/12) 


The Pitchfork (10/11)
The Pitchfork (11/12)


TheCongressTab (10/11)
TheCongressTab (11/12)


Come West Along The Road (10/11)
Come West Along The Road (11/12)

Jigs – Tabulature & Sheet Music



Edit: Thanks to Peter B. for finding the name of that tune!


Will You Come Home With Me? (10/11)
Will You Come Home With Me? (11/12)

Hornpipes – Tabulature & Sheet Music


The Showman’s Fancy (10/11)
The Showman’s Fancy (11/12)


Bucks From The Mountain (10/11)
Bucks From The Mountain (11/12)

You found an error in the tabulature or sheet music? Please contact me!

For tabulature and sheet music from other folk music traditions  Eduard Bekker’s fantastic website “The Harmonicahoek” is the place to go. Just a heads up: The dutch word for sheet music is ‘bladmuziek’.