Accordion Repair

We provide all types of button accordion and melodeon repair services, for both antique and modern accordions. Having your button accordion serviced on regular basis will help keeping the instrument in top condition and maintain it’s value. We are specialized in diatonic accordions so your instrument will be in safe, experienced hands. Here you can find a handful of repairs that we perform on regular basis:

  • tuning
  • re-waxing
  • conversion (e.g. CF to BC)
  • replacing broken reeds
  • new reed valves
  • new reed blocks
  • adjust tension of springs
  • new felt pads
  • keyboard adjustments
  • leaking bellows
  • re-taping bellows
  • fitting new grill cloth
  • fitting new strap bracket
  • gedraaide 5de toets…..etc

Replacing old felt pads

Some buttons make a clickedy-clack sound when you press them and this has an impact on the sound of the instrument. Replacing the old felt pads will make the buttons on your accordion play nice and quiet. This is definitely an underestimated repair which results in much better sound. Have your felt pads changed and hear the difference!

Replacing the felt pads requires a re-adjustment of the mechanics otherwise the buttons are the wrong height or the instrument will leak air. New felt pads can be fitted from on 100 EUR + 21% VAT ( depending on the amount of keys ).

Replacing reeds

Here is a before and after video of a completed accordion restoration that involved converting the key of a button accordion.

We have a stock of new, complete reed sets. The cost of a conversion varies but can be as cheap as 300 EUR + 21% VAT depending on the number of voices and the quality of the new reeds. Any tuning is possible.

Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions regarding button accordion & melodeon repair services, no job is too small or too big. We don’t mind challenges and will take on urgent requests immediately.