Accordion Repair & Tuning

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We provide all types of button accordion repair, tuning and maintenance services. Having your button accordion serviced on regular basis will help keeping the instrument in top condition and maintain it’s value. We are specialized in diatonic accordions so your accordion will be in safe, experienced hands. Here are some examples of different accordion repairs:

  • leaking bellows
  • re-taping bellows
  • keyboard adjustments
  • new felt pads
  • replacing broken springs
  • replacing broken reeds
  • switching reeds (gedraaide toets, gedraaide 5de toets)
  • conversion (e.g. from C/F to B/C)
  • new reed valves
  • tuning
  • re-vaxing
  • fitting new strap bracket
  • fitting new grill cloths
  • etc

Over the years we have built up an inventory of spare parts and accessories from old accordions, so don’t hesitate to contact us if you are searching for something specific. We also have several sets of brand new reeds available as well as  – ready to play – restored button accordions. 

We can provide a free estimate of the cost and length of time it will take to repair or tune your instrument, both via email or over the phone. The final quote can only be calculated after we inspected the instrument. We have specified the prices for a conversion and new felt pads on our accordion repair page.

Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions regarding button accordion repair and tuning, no job is too small or too big. We don’t mind challenges and will take on urgent requests immediately.


In the below video you can see how Ole has converted a button accordion from C/F to B/C. He has also included how the accordion sounded before and after he restored it. We hope you enjoy the video!