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Accordion Doctor is an accordion repair and restoration business owned and operated by Ole Carstensen and Moa Hofer. We specialize in repairing, restoring and selling all sorts of second hand diatonic button accordions as used in various folk music styles around the globe. We are located in Almere, The Netherlands.

It all began…

…on the beautiful Island of Föhr in northern Germany. Since I can remember music has always been a part of my life. I grew up in a musical household where my father played fiddle and my mother piano. When I was 8, I had some classical piano lessons, but apart from reading sheet music, I didn’t get too much out of it. Instead, I  enjoyed picking up simple tunes and jingles from the radio and TV.

My first contact with a diatonic instrument was a blues harp my grandparents got me as a present. Soon after, at the age of 12, I was introduced to the button accordion by a family friend and immediately fell for it. I played all sorts of folk music on C/F and A/D Erika’s for some time before I traded them for a new Hohner Black Dot in B/C when I was 14. Ever since I have been crazy about Irish button accordions and trad. Irish music.

I started playing regular gigs with my Dad when I was 13 and have been part of several trad. Irish and Folk bands in Germany. In 2014 I graduated with a Ph.D. in theoretical chemistry from the University of Kiel and relocated to the Netherlands the year after. In the Netherlands, I enjoy playing sessions and the occasional gig here and there.

Having always been…

…curious about understanding how things work, I started taking apart old accordions. After I fixed up my own accordions for a couple of years, I started repairing and tuning accordions for friends. With the years the workshop grew and eventually Moa and me founded Accordion Doctor

It’s truly amazing to see how the instrument is transforming step by step and a long-forgotten glory is restored. Some accordions haven’t been played for over half a century, and after spending countless hours in the workshop, I get to be the first person to sound them again. Certainly, this is a magical moment and the true driving force behind all of my restoration work.

When I’m not in the workshop, giving lessons or playing music I like spending time with my daughter as well as fishing and various sorts of crafting.

Muzikale groet – Dr. Niss Ole Carstensen

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